La province de Namur, au coeur de votre quotidien

Namur Congress MEET

You don’t need to look far. At the heart of Europe lies the perfect place for your company to organise its business events.
Conference centers, castles, auditoriums, …there are close to a hundred locations in the whole Province of Namur where you can host your meetings, congress, seminars and other type of business events.
Combining modernity and tradition, each of these locations offers a variety of facilities and services. They are located in exceptional areas. So as well as achieving your professional objectives in the organisation of an event, each and everyone of your guests will have an unforgettable stay.
Organising a business meeting or event is a tailor made process. So, the whole Namur Congress team will be glad to help you design the perfect formula for you.

Namur Province
« Your Unique Business Experience, with Namur Congress »

Namur Congrès propose de vous rencontrer au sein de votre entreprise afin de vous présenter un beau panel représentatif de 30 lieux de réunions et d'activités incentives en province de Namur!

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